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Don't know what your wind resources are at your location? Green Energy Technologies uses the latest wind measurement instrumentation and software to accurately assess your average wind speed and direction. Green Energy conducts a wind speed study to determine an optimal, cost-effective location for your anemometer equipment.  After installation, monthly wind data reports will be delivered. You can use these reports to make a commitment-free assessment on purchasing your Wind Sphere™ wind energy system.  The feasibility study includes the following deliverables:

A 120 day on-site wind study with monthly reports including:
Wind Rose Graph:
A radial graph of the frequency of occurrence of winds by point of compass. Use this graph to see where the wind energy at your site is coming from. The Wind Rose is surrounded by 16 wind speed distribution graphs, one corresponding to each bar on the wind rose, showing the energy of the wind from each direction in addition to the occurrence.
Wind Rose Graph
Power Curve Graph:
Shows the power output of the Wind Sphere™ as a function of wind speed.
Power Curve Graph
Distribution Graph:  
Creates a frequency-of-occurrence distribution of your wind speed.
average wind speed
Time Series Graphs: 
Plots your wind speed as a function of time.
Time Series Graphs
Diurnal Graph: 
Displays the daily variation of your wind speed. All data is binned by hour of day, and the high/low bars show one standard deviation around the average value.  This graph shows the hourly trend of data, for example, it may be noticeably windier around 3 p.m. every day.
Diurnal Graph
  • Analysis of state and utility based tax incentives, grant or rebate programs and low-cost loan opportunities.
  • Review of your local net-metering requirements.
  • Verification of your installation costs and permit requirements.
  • Analysis of optimal siting for your turbine.
  • Review of building requirements and applicable codes.
  • Full cost/benefit analysis showing anticipated installation costs, expected annual energy output and the value generated over the turbine's life.

Contact us for further details of the full feasibility study (including wind speed study).